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Hospital, Chiropractic College Collaborate on Patient Care

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are now making chiropractic treatment accessible to patients. One particular program was reported in the March 2003 publication of the magazine, Chiropractic Economics. In this article it is reported that Monroe Community Hospital, a teaching nursing home in New York, has partnered with New York Chiropractic College to create a chiropractic clinic to serve people with a number of chronic disabilities. The prospective patients for this are frail nursing home residents who traditionally couldn't receive chiropractic services. This article notes that collaboration allows patients to discover relief from the spinal pain through chiropractic treatment. Monroe Community Hospital and New York Chiropractic College have since have chosen to commit additional time for patient visits in the consultative clinic, and the program has spawned related studies. Chiropractic services at the hospital now are offered three days each week under the direction of a NYCC professor. The program was initiated after Dr. J. Donald Dishman, a New York Chiropractic College clinician and researcher, introduced the pilot program in 2002 that demonstrated chiropractic's efficacy in treating chronically ill patients.

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