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A study published out of Canada in the winter 2006 issue of the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine shows that sleeping on a new mattress may considerably reduce stiffness and lower back pain. The study was performed at Oklahoma State University and was the very first of it's kind.

The published report notes that sleep deficiency disrupts day time activity, social interactions, mood, including decrease in work production contributing to 48 million lost hours of productivity every week as a result of poor sleep.

In this study scientists looked at a control group of 59 healthy individuals (30 women and 29 men) who slept on their own five-plus year-old mattresses for four weeks and then slept on a brand new bedding system for the same time period. Then they analyzed the difference in back soreness, spine stiffness, sleep quality, comfort and efficiency.

The final results demonstrated that the volunteers documented immediate and sustained health benefits in every areas of measurement immediately after resting on a brand new mattress, no matter their age or weight. This was particularly true of individuals who entered the study with high back pain conditions, as they reported a 63 per cent improvement in back soreness with a brand new mattress.

Dr. Stacy Irvine, chiropractor and fitness expert, said on behalf of the Better Sleep Council Canada, "There are many ways to treat back pain, but people may not realize that an answer might be right under their noses, literally, in the age and state of their mattress." Dr. Irvine continued, "This research shows that a new mattress could hold a key to unlocking some of that pain and discomfort."

Gary Baskerville of the Better Sleep Council Canada added, "On average, Canadians spend more than 2,000 hours each year sleeping. The mattress is one of the hardest working pieces of furniture in our home. And now we have further proof of its very real contribution to our personal health and comfort."

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