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In an investigation released on January 10, 2000 from the development firm Sorelli B of Illinois releases the results of a recent questionnaire which shows the public would like chiropractic and considers it a vital element of their health care coverage. Over 400 random adults residing all across the United States participated in the survey. Here are some of the outcomes.

Over 46% said that they strongly agree that, "chiropractic benefits need to be developed into the core benefits of my health plan." Only 33% of those that visited a chiropractic practitioner in the year before the survey had those visits covered by health insurance. Interestingly enough, slightly more people, 36% were willing to pay more than $20 for a visit to a chiropractor while only 32% were willing to pay that amount to see an MD. In addition, 64% were prepared to increase their monthly insurance premium to incorporate chiropractic care into their policy.

Patient satisfaction with chiropractic care was also surveyed. The results were equally impressive. Of all those surveyed 37% agreed strongly that, "spending money on chiropractic today saves me money tomorrow." When compared to medicine, chiropractic did well in the consumers eyes. A full 14% of respondents reported that their condition was the same or got worse after going to the MD, while only 2% said they were no better or worse following the chiropractic visit. Amazingly, 93% expressed that they had a positive outcome after chiropractic care compared with 81% for medical care. But probably the best measure was that aside from having a positive outcome 60% of consumers in the survey reported that, "my chiropractor has improved the quality of my life."

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