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From the Associated Press comes an article that appeared in newspapers through the entire United States on October 8, 2003. The article published was about a 10-year-old, 6-pound toy poodle dog named Enstein. What is newsworthy about this dog is that for the past decade Einstein has been in charge of delivering client records and files to the front desk at the Chiropractic Life Center north of Kansas City.

All it takes is a single tap on the desk with files, and Einstein immediately takes off to retrieve another patients files, short ears flapping and collar jangling. The poodle then stands on his hind legs and opens his mouth,showing that he is ready to grab the next chart. He then delivers it to the desk upfront. Along with his gopher duties, he also comes running to welcome patients when he hears the front door open. But he only stops for a quick pat on the head,so he can quickly return to his duties.

Dr. Bruce Rippee, the clinic's owner commented, "He adds a measure of peace to the office. People come in here in pain, and then they see this cute fluffy dog, and that makes them feel better." Dr. Rippee said Einstein had no training, "It all started when I dropped a piece of mail, and he picked it up." He also warned, "Want to see him get mad? Watch what he does when I don't hand him the file."

Einstein has been working like a dog for 10 years without receiving a raise or promotion - who works for a tiny bit of a Beggin' Strip every few minutes.

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